Daniil Medvedev rants in Indian Wells: I'm going to be as slow as this court

Medvedev openly complained about the court speed in Indian Wells.

by Dzevad Mesic
Daniil Medvedev rants in Indian Wells: I'm going to be as slow as this court

Daniil Medvedev got extremely frustrated with the speed of the court during his Indian Wells third-round match. On Sunday, Medvedev defeated Ilya Ivashka 6-2 3-6 6-1 to progress into the Indian Wells round-of-16. During the match, Medvedev complained to the chair umpire about the speed of the courts in the desert.

“I’m gonna be as slow as this court is. So you can take 25 minutes. The court is slow so I go slow. I take my time," Medvedev told the chair umpire, per Eurosport. The chair umpire responded by simply telling Medvedev he should accept the conditions as a professional.

But it wasn't a good enough answer for Medvedev. “I don’t accept this. They say on the fact sheet this [Indian Wells] is hard courts. This is not hard courts," Medvedev explained.

Medvedev: These are not easy conditions

After surviving the Ivashka challenge, Medvedev claimed that more players have a hard time adjusting to the conditions in Indian Wells.

“Not easy to play here, for everyone. I feel like there are, let’s say, 10 players that have the quality, I will not say which one, but to play good here because they have something in their game that can help them.

Other than that, everyone is struggling. You can see a lot of matches [are] 6-1 in one of the sets, and you look at it on TV and you’re like, the other one is not playing bad, just few moments. You miss a few shots on important moments after a 25-shot rally.

That kind of was the difference between the second and third sets. I cannot say I played much better in the third, but managed to be the one not missing after 25 shots. But it was more just being a little bit better on the important moments.

Yeah, not easy, but not easy for everyone. I'm gonna try to continue fighting through this," Medvedev said in his post-match press conference. In his next match, Medvedev will play against Alexander Zverev. It will be their first meeting since the final of the 2021 ATP Finals, when Zverev beat Medvedev.

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