Gael Monfils: "If I get injured again, the curtain will close"

The Frenchman's career could end at any moment

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Gael Monfils: "If I get injured again, the curtain will close"

Gael Monfils' career could end at any moment. He knows well and that's why, in an interview with L'Équipe, he spoke frankly and sincerely. He said: "The goal is to go to the Olympics next year, but I'm afraid of something: if I get injured again, it's over.

At that moment the curtain will close. I know I'm in a new phase. Becoming a father changes everything, it made me spend much more time at home, have a normal life, and the truth is that I liked the experience." The paternity has therefore radically changed the vision of life of the French tennis player, the protagonist of a bitter return to the circuit after seven months of absence.

The scenario he chose for his return to the field was the Indian Wells Masters 1000, which saw him leave the scene immediately at the hands of the Australian Jordan Thompson (6-3 6-1).

Monfils says: "I was blessed"

Just a day ago, Gael Monfils had released other statements, this time on the official ATP website.

On the eve of the longed-for return to the court, the 36-year-old Parisian had shown all his adrenaline in returning to the circuit, even if his presence in California meant moving away for the first time from his little Skaï, the eldest daughter he had with Elina Svitolina.

He explained: "Has been a long time. I won't lie, I missed being on the tour playing, competing, challenging myself. Indian Wells is great because you have fans very close on the training ground. You can feel the energy. The few days I've been here so far have certainly been exciting for me.

I felt amazing and lucky that I could actually get fit to relive it again”. On the new life as a dad and the first departure from her daughter Skaï: "I've been with her since day one and now going back to the field is a different experience for me.

I have been blessed. She is healthy so far and I am back fit and healthy too. I only get good vibes coming here. Injury during pregnancy? Perfect timing, I had the chance to be with my wife in the late pregnancy and support her, because it's never easy."