Goran Ivanisevic doesn't give up: Novak Djokovic wants Miami!

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Goran Ivanisevic doesn't give up: Novak Djokovic wants Miami!

Novak Djokovic canceled himself from the Indian Wells Masters 1000 immediately after receiving the official response from the competent authorities. The Serbian champion had requested a special permit to enter the United States before the end of the state of emergency relating to the Covid-19 pandemic, which will last at least until the beginning of May.

The Serb did not want to harm the tournament and withdrew a few hours before the start of the draw.

Ivanisevic: "Djokovic on the court in Miami? We didn't give up"

The organizers of the Miami Open hope that the situation will change in the coming days; a hope they share with Djokovic's coach.

Goran Ivanisevic, in an exclusive interview with Tennis Majors, revealed that they will try to play at least the second Masters 1000 of the season. He told: "We didn't give up. He wants to play and I hope they will let him.

It would be great for both him and tennis. Otherwise, it wouldn't be the end of the world. Also last year he did not play these two tournaments. The most important thing is to find out as early as possible, so that you can plan your next commitments.

In terms of preparing for the European clay season though, I'm not sure if playing in Miami is the best solution. It all depends on Novak, in the past he won the Monte Carlo tournament after playing both Indian Wells and Miam.

Against Daniil Medvedev in Dubai it seemed to me that he wasn't mentally present like on other occasions. I think it was influenced by what was happening. He gave away many points. He knew he couldn't play Indian Wells before he took the field.

When you face Medvedev, you have to be patient: he wasn't. He has a strong desire to play in the United States this year. On the positive side, the rule that prevents him from entering the United States right now is expected to be lifted in May. Novak should therefore be able to play both the Us Open and the American 1000."

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