"The comparison with Roger Federer is irrelevant," said a tennis star

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"The comparison with Roger Federer is irrelevant," said a tennis star

In an interview with tennis channel BNP Paribas, Grigor Dimitrov talked about the excessive pressure he felt at the beginning of his career after being compared to tennis legend Roger Federer. Despite having so much admiration and esteem for the 20-time Grand Slam champion, the Bulgarian distanced himself from this uncomfortable comparison, saying he was happy to have created his own identity.

He explained: "I think this was one of the most irrelevant comparisons in my eyes, in my opinion and I believe in everyone's eyes too. And I'm very glad I made a name for myself."

"The comparison with Roger Federer is irrelevant," said Dimitrov

According to the 31-year-old former winner of the 2017 ATP Finals, no young person should feel the weight of a similar comparison, because it could create excessive expectations: "It should be a lesson for every young player entering the world of tennis.

No one should carry such a burden on their name, I tell you," he said, burned by the comparison with the Swiss champion. Dimitrov was nicknamed Baby Fed from a young age due to the similarities of his game with that of the Swiss master, especially two strokes, the serve and the one-handed backhand.

Dimitrov then commented on his good start to the season so far, which has taken him to the semifinals in Rotterdam. The number 25 in the world said he was impatient to face the rest of the season: "I'm having fun and I'm also working hard, trying to do things a little different from what I've done in the past, trying to play a little more, to step out of my comfort zone a little bit and I think this will push me to improve in every area where I need to improve." Dimitrov has already communicated his presence for the Sunshine Double, or the Masters 1000 tournaments in Indian Wells and Miami, which will be played in America in this month of March.

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