Carlos Alcaraz's coach sounds the alarm: "It will be in Indian Wells, but..."

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Carlos Alcaraz's coach sounds the alarm: "It will be in Indian Wells, but..."

Will Carlos Alcaraz play the first Master 1000 of the season in the Atp Tour? Here is the answer: "The diagnosis of the MRI carried out in Acapulco highlighted knee tendonitis. Recovery to return to play is set between 7 and 10 days, he will play in Indian Wells even if with very tight deadlines." This is the revelation in an interview given to Eurosport by Antonio Martinez Cascales, the Spanish coach who followed the 19-year-old on the clay court tour of South America.

A rather complicated period for the current number 2 in the world, who had to deal with an injury at the end of 2022, which denied him participation in the Finals in Turin, at the beginning of 2023 before the Australian Open and now just a few days before American Hardcourt Tour.

The Spanish coach said: "Carlos is fine, he knows that these things sometimes happen in tennis but it's always difficult to stop when you really want to play. In addition, the physical problem came after several accumulated games, so you have even more enthusiasm to continue play.

Sometimes these things happen."

The words of the Spanish coach

On last minute recovery to play in Acapulco, he revealed: "The truth is that playing there would have been very rushed, both due to the change of surface and the logistical aspect: coming from Rio, there wasn't even time to a workout.

Even if he played, he would have to take every match with a grain of salt. The aspiration would have been the simple fact of training, even if after that you never know," added the 65-year-old trainer. He then said: "The team is studying the situation, even if for me the first explanation is in his very explosive style of play, often excessive in terms of the number of balls he chases in the same rally.

As he gets older, he will regulate this problem a little better, although this will always be the case. We know Indian Wells will arrive on time; in Miami, in theory, it would be better."

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