"I don't want to call Novak Djokovic a liar, but it's difficult," said Ferrero

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"I don't want to call Novak Djokovic a liar, but it's difficult," said Ferrero
"I don't want to call Novak Djokovic a liar, but it's difficult," said Ferrero (Provided by Sport World News)

Carlos Alcaraz, after the injury that forced him to miss the last tournaments of the year plus those at the beginning of 2023, came back in a big way: with a victory at the ATP 250 in Buenos Aires, and first two matches won at the 500m in Rio De Janeiro.

Thus the fight of the tennis player from Spain, resumes towards Novak Djokovic's supremacy in the standings. The coach of the young Spaniard, Juan Carlos Ferrero, talked about this and many other aspects. He told: "It's just a strange coincidence.

These are numbers: the year has just begun, Djokovic is playing at a stratospheric level and what Carlos has to do is be at his maximum level to be able to compete every week, getting positive tournaments that make him close to Novak.

The way he started the year, I think he showed that Novak deserves to be number one. We started a little later. I think it will be a good fight between them and also between other players like Tsitsipas, Medvedev or others who are close.

We are very motivated to do so and we will give it our all." On Djokovic's injury in Australia: "I'm not going to call Djokovic a liar, but I'll just say that I find him difficult. The breaks and tears, his own word says it: the muscle is broken.

I see it complicated that, if he were, Djokovic would move like he moved. Of course if he has an ability to take brutal pain, how can that be, good for him and super deserved to have won. I personally, having played my entire career and having had injuries, find it very, very difficult, if not impossible.

Obviously when he says it he will explain it well, the tournament director said it and you have to trust what they say." If Roland Garros is the big goal? The Roland Garros is a great achievement. I would be delighted to play better than last year there.

The real goal of winning a Grand Slam? Of course, after winning one you feel qualified to win another. I think he has the level, the qualities and the surface to fight for the title, but of course we know there is Rafa, who if he is at a good level he will be the favourite, and Djokovic, who has a very high level even on clay. It will be very difficult, but I'm sure he will give his best and the same goes for me."

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