John McEnroe on the big three and new stars

"Medvedev, to me, hasn't recovered from that [Australian Open final] loss emotionally"

by Sead Dedovic
John McEnroe on the big three and new stars

The 'big three' left a big mark on the tennis scene. John McEnroe just spoke about them, but also about young tennis players who have yet to make a breakthrough. It seems that Novak Djokovic leaves a special impression on him.

"He [Medvedev] didn't deserve that [being booed], nor did Djokovic deserve it at the French [Open]. When they played, they were booing him when he came out," McEnroe told GQ, as quoted by
"Djokovic, you may not like him as much as Nadal or Federer, but he's a credit to our game for god's sakes.
Medvedev, to me, hasn't recovered from that [Australian Open final] loss emotionally.

Not just because he lost, but because of the crowd.
I was different. I had the ability to have a crowd. I had the greatest round of applause in the match I lost at the French against [Ivan] Lendl. 90 per cent of the people were clapping for me, then somehow by the end, I had got them all clapping against me.

That takes talent, to have a crowd that loves you, hate you by the end!"

Alex Corretja on Novak Djokovic

Alex Corretja talked about the great Wimbledon record that Novak Djokovic achieved. “I don’t even know how he can do that," Corretja said.

"The control of the emotions, how good you have to be as a tennis player, a human being, as a professional, the consistency.
It’s almost impossible to understand, but I’m very happy for Novak. It has been a difficult year.

He is past Roger and is chasing Rafa again, so the race is still there. I think it is very interesting for the sport in general. It's good that Novak keeps on winning because he is such a professional player.
I cannot even believe it.

We all thought Pete Sampras’ 14 Grand Slams were never going to be reached. They went over that with 20, and now, again, Novak is chasing Rafa. I think it is interesting while both are healthy; we are waiting for Roger, of course."
The US Open is still a question mark.

"But for the moment, we go into the US Open without knowing if Novak is going to be able to play. It looks like he is not going to be able to. I think it was just good for him to be able to win another major and then wait to see what will happen in New York.
I think it is phenomenal winning seven Wimbledons. This is something unreal, and he is someone who is very special”.

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