Serena Williams on the match she "had to win"

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Serena Williams on the match she "had to win"

In an interview with CBS Mornings, Serena Williams opened up about many topics. However, what is an interesting topic was the match between Serena Williams and Ajla Tomljanovic. Williams believes that she had to win that match and still can't believe what she did.

Serena managed to lose 2:1 in sets in 3 rounds of last year's Us Open. Tomljanovic proved to be a dangerous opponent. “I was actually not very happy at all," Williams said for CBS Mornings.
"Just because of the result.

I was there to keep going and to keep winning. Yeah, it was more or less like, ‘I can’t believe I let that match go’ more than anything, you know.
Obviously, it was a great moment and a great memory and I’ve never felt – I don’t feel like I’ve left anything, but I just felt like, ‘What could I have done better that day?’"
Williams is now focused on other things after deciding to retire.

“I’ve literally given my whole life to tennis and it’s time for me to give my life to something else," she said.
"Winning to me is just to pick out the best deals to invest in, you know. We need people like me.

We need women writing the cheques, because I really am a big believer in like attracts like."

Serena Williams and Roger Federer

Many are disappointed that we can no longer watch two legends of the sport: Roger Federer and Serena Williams. John McEnroe is one of those who described it best; "Ask Australia's Channel 9 if they are missing their presence!" McEnroe said, as quoted by "So the answer is an obvious 'yes!' - you miss these GOATs, the greatest of all time.
Class act, Roger Federer.

Serena Williams - people look at tennis in a different way after all that she has accomplished.
So of course, they are missed. How can you possibly gauge how much they are missed? We don't even know. It is a question we don't know the answer to.
There were a couple of incredible matches.

Serena had that final run, so that was really great, but the truth is, you need stories."

Serena Williams