Serena Williams: "The word retirement is not good for me"

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Serena Williams: "The word retirement is not good for me"
Serena Williams: "The word retirement is not good for me" (Provided by Sport World News)

Serena Williams is unable to say the word retirement. Months have passed since her last match, when in the third round of the Us Open she was defeated by the hand of Ajla Tomjalnovic, after having played a Grand Slam tournament above expectations, especially from a physical point of view.

A Last Dance that put an end to her career at her house, even if the twenty-three times Grand Slam champion can't say it with the right words. Serena Williams, in an interview with CBS Mornings, explained: "I just feel that, to me, withdrawal is such a big word for someone my age.

And I was like, 'Um, I don't think this really suits me. However, I can't fit into certain patterns or parameters. Never. I just need to get out of it. I just need an arm out of these concepts, or a leg. Something."

The Evolution of Serena Williams

For the youngest of the Williams sisters, the word hostile, therefore, is adverse.

It is not the first time that she has released this type of statement, where she underlines that hers is not so much the end of a chapter, namely that of her tennis career, as an evolution: something she wanted to point out in the last interview granted.

She added in the interview given to the American television programme: "I'm definitely evolving. Because it seems to me that when you retire it's different. You put on your gloves or your bat or your racket or whatever it is, or your computer, and then you relax.

And you go and basically take charge of your life. And that's not what I'm doing." On the future that awaits her, the former world number one explained her plan on Twitter months ago: "Right now I'm allowing myself to be tired, to relax and sometimes to be alone. It's harder than I ever imagined. I've never allowed myself to do anything like this before."

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