Craig Tiley: "Novak Djokovic won with a three-centimetre lesion"

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Craig Tiley: "Novak Djokovic won with a three-centimetre lesion"

Australian Open CEO Craig Tiley spoke on the microphones of Sen, the broadcaster of the state of Victoria. His words are an official confirmation and words that close all the detractors of the 2023 winner at the Australian Open, Novak Djokovic.

Here are his statements: "It's true, Novak Djokovic played the Australian Open with a lesion of three centimeters. I can confirm everything, I've seen the tests and the doctors will tell the truth. There have been so many speculations about people who didn't believe all of this but it's the truth, he won by enduring this pain.

He's been through a lot and I honestly believe that no one will ever be able to win 10 Australian Opens." Important words that clarify the truth to everyone, Novak Djokovic's victory increasingly assumes the connotations of a real feat.

Novak Djokovic's 2023 has started in the best possible way. The great Serbian champion, after a very difficult year, especially due to his certain choices on the Covid vaccine, had the opportunity to return to the field in Australia and made the most of the opportunity.

The tennis player won his tenth Australian Open and his twenty-second Grand Slam title, thus seizing the opportunity to catch up with great rival Rafael Nadal. A tournament dominated from start to finish, with no credible rival for the final victory.

The clearest demonstration came in the final with Nole who literally annihilated the Greek, number three in the world, Stefanos Tsitsipas in the final. A show of strength and Nole once again made it clear to the world that he is the best out there.

This success allows Djokovic to return to number one in the world and also increase his record of weeks at the top of the Atp ranking. Crazy numbers that also have something stoic about them. Djokovic has repeatedly clarified in the conference that he is playing this tournament with an injury, even a rather serious one, but he has never really been taken seriously.

From the main rivals to the fans, many questioned his words and even Nole revealed in the conference that he was annoyed by all this. Now the official confirmations arrive, demonstrating the stoic feat that the tennis player has done.

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