Victoria Azarenka on panic attack and rumors that she lied

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Victoria Azarenka on panic attack and rumors that she lied

Victoria Azarenka managed to secure the semi-finals of the Australian Open after defeating Jessica Pegula. Azarenka last achieved the same success in 2013. What marked that match was a medical timeout by Azarenka after symptoms of a panic attack.

What was particularly striking was the fact that they criticized her for 'lying' “It was one of the worst things I have ever gone through in my professional career, the way I was treated after that moment, the way I had to explain myself until 10.30pm at night because people didn’t want to believe me.
I can resonate with what Novak [Djokovic] said the other day, there is sometimes - I don't know - an incredible desire for a villain and a hero story that has to be written but we are not villains or heroes, we are regular human beings who go through so many things, and assumptions and judgements and all those comments are just s**t

"- she said, as quoted by Despite everything, many doubted her sincerity. “Nobody is there to see the full story and it didn’t matter how many times I said my story, it did not cut through…it took me 10 f***ing years to get over it and I am finally over that."

Victoria Azarenka on the comments

Azarenka does not want to look back on such comments and knows herself very well.

"I have been called that I am cheating, that I am faking, trying to throw people off their game. It’s everything that is so wrong about my character if somebody actually knows me.
I have heard [people say]: 'She has this thing [that] is bad, or this thing is bad' or whatever.

At some point you are like, 'really? Am I', so those doubts start to creep in.
Now I just don’t care. I am more and more confident with what I know about myself and I am at peace. Those comments and judgements are there and I notice them, but I don’t care”.