Andy Murray on 'potential' retirement


Andy Murray on 'potential' retirement
Andy Murray on 'potential' retirement

Andy Murray claimed victory over Zhang Zhizhen in the exhibition event. Murray is a man who has shown many times how much he loves tennis. He came back against everything and never gave up. Murray still has no plans to retire and wants to prove his qualities to everyone.

"I still love hitting tennis balls, I'm fortunate I'm able to do it at a high level, it's not the level that it was five or six years ago but... I love the sport,” he said, as quoted by
"I've been healthy the last seven months.

I'm not awakening with aches and pains like in the last few years.
As long as the body holds up well and I'm training properly and performing to a level I'm enjoying, then I will keep going. But I don't have a timeframe [for retirement]." Zhizhen was not an easy opponent, but Murray managed to impose his pace and get a well-deserved victory.

"He served well and was taking my time away but I managed to gradually improve as the match went on,” said Murray.

Iga Swiatek

On the other hand, women's tennis has never been this interesting. Iga Swiatek is currently the dominant force, but Justine Henin believes that Swiatek still has a lot to show.

“There is a whole technical dimension,” Henin said for
“She has a somewhat unusual technique. She has also been able to draw strength from that. You can see her arm speed and she has a lot of qualities.

She's a player who moves very well on a fast surface, as she did at the US Open, but this is also linked to a lot of technical aspects in her game. Will she still be able to develop certain things without affecting the qualities she has already developed? That's what she needs to think about, along with her team."

Andy Murray

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