Djokovic-Kyrgios: the exhibition match is sold out in 58 minutes!

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Djokovic-Kyrgios: the exhibition match is sold out in 58 minutes!

They have been chasing each other for months and now the new 2022 bromance will reunite. Novak Djokovic and Nick Kyrgios are still the two protagonists of this beginning of 2023: from the Wimbledon final, where they showed their newborn friendship to the world, they exchanged messages and promised tennis appointments.

The Serbian suggested alternative ways on Instagram, such as capoeira, the Australian proposed playing doubles together in Indian Wells. While waiting for both events to occur, with the latter having very strong doubts given the decision of the US government, the two will return to face each other in Melbourne Park.

Before the Australian Open starts, the two tennis players will meet again and face each other for the first time after the final at the All England Club in an exhibition match. An eagerly awaited clash by the Australian crowd, who want to face one of their home tennis players and the player who has the Australian Open record wins: tickets for this match sold out in just 58 minutes.

Kyrgios' words

As soon as the news came out, Nick Kyrgios decided to comment on it on social media. An ironic response for the Australian number one, who mocked those who labeled him a disgrace and embarrassment on the men's Tour.

"Wow Nick Kyrgios is bad for sport! Wow what a disgrace, national embarrassment! How dare you sell another stadium, arrogance," he wrote on Twitter, also returning to the theme released after the Break Point trailer, of which the Australian is one of the protagonists.

In Melbourne Park, therefore, the two tennis players will meet again after the Wimbledon final. In reality, the two Wimbledon finalists were both present at the World Tennis League, in an exhibition tournament in Dubai, and should have faced each other with their respective teams.

However, the tennis player from Belgrade decided to retire shortly before the match because he was not in good shape and instead of him, Grigor Dimitrov took the court for the Falcons team.