Emma Raducanu on readiness before the Australian Open

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Emma Raducanu on readiness before the Australian Open

Emma Raducanu and her injury are the main topic before the Australian Open. It is still not known when Raducanu will be ready, but there is every chance that she will actually perform. A British woman has high expectations of herself, but sometimes you cannot influence all factors.

"It [the injury] was really unfortunate because I was feeling great about my season, I was feeling really good with the preparation I did physically," Raducanu said as quoted by eurosport.com.
"And I just had an accident on the court, I don't know what I could've done to really prevent that."I'm just taking it a day at a time and just trying every single day as best as possible to see and make progress.

She does not want to have too high expectations. "We'll see hopefully by Monday or whenever the tournament starts, I'll be OK and ready.
"We're just taking it a day at a time and not trying to expect too much at this point."


Raducanu suffered an ankle injury during the match with Viktoria Kuzmova.

It was a big shock for her, but that's how sports are. Raducanu complained about the courts and thinks that this could have been expected. “It’s difficult to take,” Raducanu said to Stuff.
“I’ve put a lot of physical work in the last few months and I’ve been feeling good and optimistic.
So to be stopped by a freak injury, rolling an ankle is pretty disappointing, in the first week as well.

I thought I was playing some pretty decent tennis.
The courts are incredibly slick, like very slippery, so to be honest it’s not a surprise that this happened to someone.
It’s out of my control and after a very long day of waiting around. But we’ll assess over the next few days and see what the next steps are”.