John McEnroe: Novak Djokovic has gone through some unbelievably difficult obstacles

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John McEnroe: Novak Djokovic has gone through some unbelievably difficult obstacles

Novak Djokovic and the Australian Open are the main topic..Many expect that the Serb will do his best to win this competition, in which he was previously unable to compete because he wasn't vaccinated. John McEnroe believes that Djokovic will experience a 'mix' of emotions considering everything that happened the previous year.

"I think he can get through that, he’s obviously proven that he has gone through some unbelievably difficult obstacles, none more so than the last 12 months of his career.
The fact that he was still able to go out and win Wimbledon and go out and play these smaller events in the fall to get his ranking high enough so that he can go and win the event in Turin and the year-end event, and embrace playing and competing, was just incredible because it would have been very easy to be frustrated and angry."- he said, as quoted by

Novak Djokovic and his career

Not much needs to be said about his career. Djokovic managed what few can imagine. However, he does not want to stop there. Despite his age, the Serb is ready to go one step further and break all existing records, although there are few left.

"I can only imagine how he felt when he was deported out of Australia and subsequently dealing with that.
I don’t think he was right until Wimbledon, but somehow he found it, and again, so few players will ever be able to do.
There is a reason why these guys ...

I used to think, ‘I won seven singles majors’, and now I'm like, ‘oh my god, these guys are at 22 or 21’ or whatever the hell it is.
You are like, ‘man, I should have tried harder or done something’. They make you think you didn’t do nearly enough and that’s a credit to them."