Carlos Alcaraz withdraws from the Australian Open!

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Carlos Alcaraz withdraws from the Australian Open!

World no. 1 Carlos Alcaraz decided to withdraw from the Australian Open due to an injury. Much was expected from this player, but unfortunately, we will not have the opportunity to watch him at one of the biggest tournaments.

Alcaraz revealed that it was an injury to the semimembranosus muscle in his right leg. “When I was at my best in preseason I picked up an injury through a chance, unnatural movement in training,” he wrote on Twitter.
“This time it's the semimembranosus muscle in my right leg." These are difficult moments for the young Spaniard, but he is aware that he cannot influence some things.

“I'd worked so hard to get to my best level for Australia but unfortunately I won't be able to play the Care A2+ Kooyong [exhibition event] or the Australian Open. It's tough, but I have to be optimistic, recover and look forward.

See you in 2024 Australian Open”.

Rafael Nadal

John McEnroe and Mats Wilander commented on the expectations before the AO. Rafael Nadal is one of the players from whom the most is expected. "The greatest single quality an athlete can have is that hunger, and no matter how successful you are, just being willing to do the hard yards and the work it requires to even give yourself a chance, and Rafa does that better than anyone," McEnroe sid.

"He keeps a humbleness and a cockiness at the same time, which is a tricky thing to manoeuvre, and he does an incredible job of that. He’s able to figure out a way to make every match seem like he’s got to pay respect to his opponent, and he’s got to give 100 per cent effort.

Very few players can do that, it’s an amazing quality and that’s why he’s won as much as he has.