Mats Wilander: Emma Raducanu, I don't know where she is

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Mats Wilander: Emma Raducanu, I don't know where she is

A lot is expected from Emma Raducanu. Although she surprised many with her form, the British girl is expected to be at the very top. Mats Wilander commented on Raducanu and believes that the moment will come when Emma will show her potential again.

"It's not going to be a big surprise if she [Raducanu] sort of breaks through again, so to speak, and gets up to sort of the top 10 in the world, and she has a couple of quarter finals.
It's not a big surprise because she has the level.

She understands tennis. She has the level when she's playing well.
She has to solve certain things around her tennis. She's got to solve the coaching situation. She's got to find somebody that she trusts so that she finds her identity as a player.
If you ask me, and I've seen a lot of tennis, I don't know if I'm going to put her in the aggressive category or if I'm going to put her in the defensive category.

If I'm going to put her forehand better than her backhand. Is her movement as good as [world No. 1 Iga] Swiatek?
I don't know what I'm looking for because it's a little bit all over the place, and everything fell into place during two weeks in New York.

That's it."- he said, as quoted by

Mats Wilander on Emma Raducanu

Wilander believes that Raducanu has many things to work on. Obviously, there are a few flaws in her game that she needs to fix. He drew a parallel with Novak Djokovic.

"But the qualities she showed and shows every time she steps on the court? Yes, she can be one of the best players in the world, but she has to find an identity.
What am I relying on? What's my absolute strength?
Novak Djokovic, for example, is the one I compare her to.

Novak's strength is what? The forehand, it's really good. The backhand, unbelievable serve, really good. What's his strength, covering the court? Movement, not missing.
Emma Raducanu, I don't know where she is, and I think that she needs a coach to work that out, and that doesn't take two weeks.

That takes a couple of years to find a person to trust and then work through all this, and eventually one day you say, 'Ah, we found it'
This is how you need to win matches. Whatever the formula is, it's just not there visibly to me."