Novak Djokovic reveals welcome in Australia

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Novak Djokovic reveals welcome in Australia

After two years Novak Djokovic came back to play in Australia and did so with one win. The Serbian champion experienced a troubled 2022 and is now ready to start over, he won the first match without worries by beating the Frenchman Lestienne with a clear 6-3;6-2, clearly knocked down and thus closing the first victory of the year.

At the end of the match, the twenty-one times Grand Slam winner spoke at the press conference and appeared quite smiling. The athlete joked about what happened last year and said: "At first I joked with my team and asked if I had a chance to enter Australia this time and I can say that this time it happened.

In the end, without joking, I can say that it was a normal reception, like all the years I've arrived in Australia, passport control went well and everything was great. There was nothing strange. I was looking forward to being here and am happy with the reception I have received, so far it has been a positive reception.

I don't hold any grudges, I'm here to play tennis, play sports and spread good. I don't want and don't have to focus on any negatives. The Serbian fans have been very close to me here in Australia."

Novak Djokovic reveals welcome in Australia

The Serbian champion then continued: "What do I expect in Melbourne? I honestly don't know, we'll see at the moment.

Now my focus is on Adelaide, I want to do well in this tournament then we know that Melbourne, the Grand Slam tournaments are something else. I'll be there already a week before my first match, let's say like I usually do, I want to train and evaluate my conditions and my speed on the court.

I hope to be well received by the public but I have no expectations." The tennis player appeared optimistic in view of the rest of the tournament and the future on Australian territory.

Novak Djokovic