Novak Djokovic: "My goal is to win the Australian Open 2023"

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Novak Djokovic: "My goal is to win the Australian Open 2023"

Novak Djokovic has landed in Adelaide for the first appointment of the season. After a year's hiatus, the Serbian champion is back in Australia. During the long press conference on the eve of the tournament, the twenty-one times Grand Slam champion addressed various topics.

Also focusing on the generational change and the rivalry with Nadal. Djokovic explained: "I always have a lot of confidence in myself and I know I can win anywhere. With the career I've had, I think it's normal to have a certain type of mindset and focus on the events that happen.

Even those beyond my control. Of course, things are changing with the advent of the younger players, but Rafael Nadal and I are still among the strongest players in the world. 2022 was Roger and Serena's year, it was sad to see them retire.

We still have men and women who will continue to push this sport forward and make it extraordinary over the years. But after all I know what to do to be able to compete with them and what to do to win both here and in Melbourne.

All the memories I have, the victories, the defeats, the experience I've accumulated over the years, help me have the right sensations to face this time of year." Twenty-two on one side, twenty-one on the other. At present, Nadal commands the Grand Slam standings with one more success: Djokovic is obviously motivated to overturn the hierarchies again and get his head back: "Every single Grand Slam victory is special.

I think it's one of the main reasons that still pushes me to play and give my all. I love tennis, although I don't enjoy traveling as much as I used to, but it's part of our sport. As long as I'm motivated and inspired to play, I'll stay here.

I hope this year will be a positive one." He added, before dwelling on his ambitions and motivations: "My goal is to win in Melbourne, I'm not hiding it. There I want to play my best tennis. With everything I've achieved in my career, I believe that every victory more allows me to make the history of this sport.

Yes, it's a big challenge but also a big motivation for me. Really, I have plenty of motivation to play my best tennis."

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