Novak Djokovic will change physiotherapist

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Novak Djokovic will change physiotherapist

New member in Novak Djokovic's team? The Serbian tennis player returns to Australia where last year's media and judicial affair and does so with a completely unexpected novelty. Entering the field for the first training session in Adelaide, the first appointment of the season for the Serbian, the twenty-one times Grand Slam champion can be seen flanked by Claudio Zimaglia, former physiotherapist of Milos Raonic and Jannik Sinner.

There is still no official announcement regarding the changes in the Djokovic team, other than the photos and videos that have been leaked. Some Serbian sources, however, explain how the internal dynamics of the team that follows the former world number one are evolving.

According to Sport Klub, in fact, Novak Djokovic would have changed physiotherapist, arriving at greetings with Ulises Badio. As reported, it seems that the two have not found an agreement for the new year: their relationship ends after five years of working together.

They started in 2017 and Baldo was one of the protagonists of the Belgrade tennis player's career, standing by his side when he had elbow problems or abs problem during the 2021 Australian Open.

Novak Djokovic will change physiotherapist

Other sources, always reported by Sport Klub, report that Zimaglia would be Novak Djokovic's new physiotherapist.

Professor at the Academy of Osteopathy in Turin, Zimaglia partly followed the careers of Raonic and Sinner; the last tennis player he joined was Brandon Nakashima, champion of the last edition of the Next Gen Atp Finals. Zimaglia could follow the Serbian champion during the first part of the tennis tour: with Serbia absent in the new United Cup, Adelaide is the first official tournament of the winner of the last edition of Wimbledon, which will be followed, according to what is learned from the entry list, from the Australian Open, where he will have to defend the title, after having missed the opportunity in the last edition held.

After this season ban, Nole is ready to rewrote the history of tennis, starting from Adelaide, to move then at the Australian Open.

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