Borna Coric: It’s strange now that Federer is not around anymore

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Borna Coric: It’s strange now that Federer is not around anymore

Now that Federer is gone, Nadal and Djokovic remain. It is clear that they will not be on the tennis scene for a long time either, but we will enjoy it while they are there. Borna Coric, the great Croatian player, spoke about this trio, and the fact that Federer no longer plays.

“It is an honour to play against them,” Coric said for All Court Tennis Club. “I also did very well against them and played some of the best tennis of my career.
I’ve said many times that I like the big crowds and big stages.

When you play against them, that’s a guarantee.
It’s strange now that Federer is not around anymore, but it is also going to be a little bit easier for many players. He has done amazing things for the sport.
I was really able to focus on the match against Federer because I tried not to think about the other aspects.

It was just me against him and that is the way I try to treat every match.
Once I get into the match, I don’t think anymore about who I am against and what they have achieved”.

Borna Coric

Borna Coric is an ambitious tennis player who wants to give his best in the coming year.

“I don’t want to set too many goals, but that would be the next step for me,” he added. “I have been No.12 in the world and hopefully I can make it even higher now by reaching the top ten.
The most important thing is to be healthy and then the results will come.
In the Slams it’s always different because it’s over best of five sets making it much more physical, but that week in Cincinnati has shown me that I can compete at the highest level.
It has given me the motivation to go on court and work even harder. It shows that I can become a top ten player and hopefully even more one day”.