Rafael Nadal: I was a sad person most days

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Rafael Nadal: I was a sad person most days

Rafael Nadal had an interesting interview with MARCA. Nadal spoke openly about the injury that caused him problems and "made him sad". Nadal had doubts about whether he would be able to play with such an injury. Even his career was under question.

“Now I am much happier, beyond winning or losing on the court, because I was suffering from a limp. I played tennis with lots and lots of anti-inflammatories but I was limping all day long.
I thought I had to quit tennis because I had lost my vitality and I was a sad person most days.
After winning at Roland Garros I was happy but at the same time I thought I was going to have to retire if a solution was not found for my foot because I could not continue with those chronic pains."- Rafael Nadal said, as quoted by eurosport.com.

Rafael Nadal and his injury

Reality can be very hard sometimes. Nevertheless, Nadal showed that he is mentally stronger than he himself thought. The Spaniard fought against everything and proved how much strength he has. “In that scenario I rupture my abdominal - retire and do not play in the semifinals against Nick Kyrgios - and from then on the year has been a disaster, because I ruptured my abdominal again the week before the US Open.
I didn't I wanted to say anything at the time because I was tired of telling sorrows!

Then I had to recover again and then my son was born, so it was difficult to get to the last stage of the season with optimal preparation.
Although, when I look back on this year, the difficult moments and the injuries will fade into the background and I will have won two Grand Slam titles, so the final balance is fantastic and very exciting, although also very painful. That’s the reality”.

Rafael Nadal