Tommy Haas 'believes' that Serena Williams will announce a comeback

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Tommy Haas 'believes' that Serena Williams will announce a comeback

The former great tennis player, Tommy Haas, commented on Serena Williams' decision to retire. However, Haas believes that this great tennis player will return to what she loves most. He gave Tom Brady as a comparison. "Tom Brady started an amazing trend.

That's what I want to say." "Serena had an incredible, long and strong career," Haas told Eurosport Germany's tennis podcast Das Gelbe vom Ball "But I have the feeling that she is going to come back and say, 'I'm going to play one more time'

She came so close to playing really well again and going far, so I think deep down it really annoys her.
She might really be thinking about whether she wants to try again. I may be wrong because I'm not that close [to her].
It will mostly depend on how it looks mentally, how she feels physically and whether she has the desire to torture herself like that again after achieving so much.
Serena also does a lot of things off the court and is a mother."

John McEnroe

John McEnroe believes that the decision on retirement should be final.

However, considering how much Williams and Federer love tennis, McEnroe would not blame them if they decide to return. "Both of these superstars and legends can do whatever they want," he told Eurosport. "Serena's thing was amazing at the Us Open.
To me, when you announce your retirement, you should retire.

But you look at other athletes and they come back and they think 'hey I just played well, I can still win' - so that's really up to them. However, McEnroe is of the opinion that such decisions should not be changed. "On the one hand, I think they're ready to move on, but then it's so difficult to do that because it's such a big part of your life.

Then if they did come back, you wouldn't hold it against them.
Of course, we want to see them play forever, but it feels like when you make those types of announcements it's right to say 'this is the way it should end' I think it would be better for all concerned."

Serena Williams