Wimbledon 2023 possible news for Russians and Belarusians


Wimbledon 2023 possible news for Russians and Belarusians

There could be news in place between now and the next few weeks regarding the next Wimbledon which will be played in July 2023. In fact, the harsh fine and the serious warning that the ATP imposed on the British tennis federation, after it was banned Russian and Belarusian players to participate in tournaments held in the United Kingdom, would have changed the cards in order.

The English newspaper The Telegraph reported a news according to which the organizers of the London Grand Slam are seriously considering the possibility of re-establishing the tournament as it was until 2021 or by lifting the ban on Russians and Belarusians from being able to play the major that has been won this year by Novak Djokovic for men and Elena Rybakina for women, even if precisely by virtue of the ATP's decision, the slam didn't put a single point up for grabs.

This possible decision by the British federation could also be due to the fact that this initiative has not been supported by the vast majority of the sports community and not just tennis.

Novak Djokovic was among those who expressed a negative opinion

Last April, the future 2022 Wimbledon champion Novak Djokovic had expressed a negative opinion after the ATP's decision to ban Russian and Belarusian athletes from participating in the Slam: "There is politics in sport.

I don't feel the need to suspend any athlete, not just tennis players. I don't understand how they can contribute to what is happening in the war. You are keeping them from their right to compete. In fact, in tennis we have an anti-discrimination rule that says players play based on their ranking, not their nationality, so Wimbledon violated this rule." Among other things, the decision of the ATP, after the release of the British federation, has also penalized in the rankings those tennis players who last July had managed to reach the final stages of Wimbledon and therefore be able to have a different ranking at the end of this season. Furthermore, after years, this will be the first Wimbledon edition since Roger Federer's retirement.

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