Tsitsipas and Antetokounmpo tease Nick Kyrgios with a video!

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Tsitsipas and Antetokounmpo tease Nick Kyrgios with a video!

Over the years we have learned to know the tennis players of the new generation, the various Andrey Rublev, Stefanos Tsitsipas, Nick Kyrgios, Alexander Zverev, Jannik Sinner and so on and we immediately realized how their way of communicating off the court is very different from that of champions of the past.

Surely the difference is also accentuated by the new means of communication that have made it much easier and easier to exchange videos, photos and express your point of view on everything. Among the most active on social media are tennis players Nick Kyrgios and Stefan Tsitsipas.

The two, friends on and off the pitch, enjoy making jokes and provocations publicly, giving their followers the opportunity to learn more about their private life and their way of thinking. Lately the Australian tennis player has spared no criticism from those who have violated the rules of the protocol against the pandemic and also towards some tennis players who are not very nice to him.

Tsitsipas and Antetokounmpo provoke Kyrgios

In particular, the Australian has shown himself particularly tough on the Adria Tour case, the tournament organized by Djokovic but which has turned into an outbreak in which many tennis players who had participated became infected with each other.

The Greek tennis player, on the other hand, often plays tricks on Kyrgios like when he published a photo in which he held a sign in his hand with the Australian tennis player's number written on it. A few days ago, Tsitsipas, who was in the company of the Greek player of the Milwaukee Bucks NBA team Giannis Antetokounmpo, recorded a message saying that the basketball player must say something to Kyrgios.

These are the words of Antetokounmpo: "Hi Nick, you know that you are my favorite tennis player, but now I have changed my mind and I prefer Nadal, simply because I love him." Obviously the message is a healthy provocation to the Australian tennis player considering the fact that Rafa Nadal is one of these tennis players for which Kyrgios certainly does not dotage to put it mildly.

The video was Kyrgios himself who published it on his Instagram profile. Let's see if the answer from the Australian will arrive soon. Stefanos Tsitsipas made semifinal at the Roland Garros 2020, losing to Novak Djokovic.

That was his second semifinal Grand Slam after the one at the Australian Open 2019. In his career the Greco has won six titles, including the 2019 ATP Finals.