Ferrero: "I'm happy with Novak Djokovic's come back in Australia"

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Ferrero: "I'm happy with Novak Djokovic's come back in Australia"

Juan Carlos Ferrero summed up his thoughts regarding the reinstatement of Serbian Novak Djokovic in Australia: "Carlos and I are happy that Novak Djokovic is returning to Australia, we need him." According to the Spanish coach, architect of the birth of the star of Carlos Alcaraz, the presence of the champion from Belgrade at the Australian Open and, in general, in the Grand Slam tournaments, is good for all tennis but also for his student, so that may he continue to grow in authority and experience.

Ferrero said: "We need him. I think to improve his tennis, Carlos has to play against one of the best in history. Of course Rafael Nadal is there to play against him and Novak, we need him. In Madrid, Carlos played against Novak and raised his level to try and win the match, so that's what we need, to play Grand Slams against him, I think it's very important for Carlos to improve." Juan Carlos Ferrero traced Novak Djokovic's year in an extremely concise way, while omitting the details.

Carlos Alcaraz's coach, in particular, was keen to underline how extraordinary the Serbian was in demonstrating to everyone, once again, that he is able to practically always hit the target when he plays in a tournament, whether it is a minor or greater prestige.

Ferrero explained: "I think after the US Open, that he couldn't play, he was very focused on proving that he is able to win almost everything he plays and we saw again that he is able to do it. He showed up to everyone the players who will be there and he has the chance to play in Australia, I think he's very happy about that and I think the rest of the players are too Carlos and I were talking about the fact that we're happy to see Novak there, because if you want to win the Australian Open you have to win against the best and of course that's good news. Also, it didn't surprise me at all that he won in Turin."

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