Ferrero "Carlos Alcaraz is like a son to me"

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Ferrero "Carlos Alcaraz is like a son to me"

Carlos Alcaraz proved that he had what it takes to be a champion right from the very first steps he took in professionalism, but what he achieved in 2022 was something incredible. Precociousness is a distinctive trait of the El Palmar star, who became the youngest number 1 in the world with his victory at the Us Open.

Now, however, Carlos is no longer a surprise, he must confirm himself and stabilize at the top. And to do that he will need to further intensify the work he has done so far, according to his coach Juan Carlos Ferrero: "Now he has to work even harder, because if he wants to stay at the top he has to win Grand Slams and Masters 1000 continuously," he said Ferrero at Eurosport.

So it's even more difficult than before, when maybe by winning a 500 and getting an excellent result in a Masters 1000 you could climb the rankings. But now, if you want to stay on top, you have to beat the best and win the best tournaments, so it's even more important to work harder or even harder than before."

The special relationship between Ferrero and Alcaraz

The winning recipe for reaching the top levels of professional tennis is certainly largely composed of what the player produces on the court.

Without the behind the scenes however, no great result could be achieved. And in the case of Carlos Alcaraz and Juan Carlos Ferrero, the extra-tennis aspect is also of crucial importance. In fact, what makes the Murciano strong is the relationship that he and his coach have built that goes beyond the trophies won.

He said: "Alcaraz is like another son to me, the oldest: he is my second player as a coach and I think I'm still learning from him and he from me. We are growing together at the same time. He is a very nice person and easy to work with.

I needed something like this because after working with Alexander Zverev it wasn't that easy for me, it's not the same culture, he understands a little differently what it means to be a professional, I needed to refresh myself a bit and work with someone who had the same character as me and wanted the same things for the future and in Carlos I think I found it."

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