Rafael Nadal: "Carlos Alcaraz deserves to be world number one"

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Rafael Nadal: "Carlos Alcaraz deserves to be world number one"
Rafael Nadal: "Carlos Alcaraz deserves to be world number one" (Provided by Sport World News)

Rafael Nadal ended the season prematurely to dedicate himself to a South American tour with Casper Ruud, who in Quito won the most recent of the clashes with a double 6-4. During one of the countless press conferences in which the Spanish phenomenon participated, in addition to talking about the ambitions for the next season, to make a summary of the one just ended and to dwell on what role he feels he has in the history of the game, the twenty-two times Slam champion he also had the opportunity to dedicate space to Carlos Alcaraz, who in 2022 won his first Major in Flushing Meadows and who became the youngest number one in history.

"It is very nice that there are two Spanish tennis players at the top of the rankings, but I don't think it will be a trend. It will be difficult for us to stay there throughout 2023. It is very difficult to maintain the level necessary to be so high for so long.

In my case, I play a few tournaments a year and I could only be there if I play at a very high level all the time. He has enormous potential, he is very young and he still has a lot of time ahead of him. He is at number 1 because he deserves it.

There are very good young players at the moment, Casper was also close to his first Grand Slam and being number 1."

The words of Rafael Nadal at the press conference

After the match, Rafa spoke as follows: "I don't think I'm the best player in history, it's something I put in the background.

The important legacy for me is that all the people I've lived in these 20 years have a great memory. human of me. After all the human aspect, the education, respect and affection with which he can treat people is the main issue, in the end this is what remains over time." After Quito, Rafa Nadal and Ruud will fly to Colombia and go to Bogota to tackle the fifth stage of their tour.

This tour in America will end on December 1st with their performance in Mexico City, in the North American country.

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