Change of rules for women dress code at Wimbledon

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Change of rules for women dress code at Wimbledon

Wimbledon changes its rules. The white dress code, imposed on both tennis players and tennis players who are preparing to play on the central court of the All England Club, gives way in 2023: on the day of the menstrual cycle, women will be able to wear dark shorts.

The revolution, implemented by the organizers of the English Grand Slam, has past roots, when more and more players have complained of not being able to wear anything dark when struggling with menstruation. Over the years, several female players have complained about this problem.

"It is very difficult to wear white because you have photographers, you have photos everywhere, you are slipping on the court, you are falling, you are playing, your skirt is flying up," former tennis player Tatiana Golovin said years ago, as reported by Elle.

While, recently, Judy Murray had made an appeal to the men's circuit, to support the battle of female colleagues: "We need many tennis players to commit to change this because an unexpected episode like that of menstruation in the middle of competition can leave a trauma to any woman.

Honestly, I can't imagine a more traumatic situation than that for a tennis player." Wimbledon has therefore decided to follow this debate and implement these changes.

The words of director Bolton

In an official note, Wimbledon tournament director Sally Bolton explained the changes made.

"Next year, women taking part in the tournament will have the option to wear colored shorts if they wish," she said ahead of the 2023 tournament. Under the premise that the decision was made after discussions with the players.

"The reasons for the decision were also explained in the note: the goal is to eliminate the state of anxiety that afflicted them. Our hope is that this rule tweak will help players focus solely on their performance, relieving a potential source of anxiety," the release ends.