Rafael Nadal offers assessment of his season


Rafael Nadal offers assessment of his season

Rafael Nadal says it has been "a dream year" in terms of results and suggested he will be happy with his season even if he doesn't make it all the way at the ATP Finals. After playing just one tournament in the second half of the 2021 season, Nadal returned to action by winning his 21st Grand Slam title at the Australian Open.

In late May and early June, Nadal also won a record 14th French Open title - now he is a record 22-time Grand Slam champion. Last year, it seemed that Nadal's career was in jeopardy due to the persistent foot problem.s "The year has been a dream year in terms of results.

After coming back from five months injury last year, so in terms of that it has been unforgettable. At the end what will stay is the results and in 2022 I achieved more than what I ever dreamed," Nadal said, per Eurosport.

Nadal hopes to win his first ATP Finals title

Nadal is one of the most accomplished players in tennis history but somehow he has never won the ATP Finals.

Nadal, now 36, was asked if he feels this is the right time for him to win his first title at the season-ending tournament. "I don't know if it's the right time -- always it's the right time to win it. I was not able to make it for such a long career.

Let's see what happens," Nadal said. In Turin, Nadal was also asked if he could play until 40, like Roger Federer did. "I don't know I can't predict the future. It looks difficult, honestly, but at the same time, when I was 28 or 29, for me was super difficult to imagine myself playing at the age of 36, and here we are - In a high position on the ranking and being competitive.

You never know what can happen. It always depends on different facts; some of them you are able to control, and others you don't have the chance to control. So, let's say I am super happy to be where I am at the age of 36 and a half.

Let's see, I just want to keep going and enjoy the fact that I am playing every year, which, for me, is a present," Nadal said. Nadal kicks off his ATP Finals run on Sunday by playing against Taylor Fritz.

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