Rafael Nadal: "It's true that for the last five months I didn't.."

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Rafael Nadal: "It's true that for the last five months I didn't.."

Rafael Nadal talked about Turin. "I'm excited about playing, even if it hasn't been the perfect couple of months for me, of course," said Nadal for eurosport.com
"But, yeah, nothing to lose. After a good year, going there, just trying my best." Rafael Nadal wanted to play tennis.

It is his greatest love and it is redundant to talk about his successes on the tennis scene. The Spaniard fights, does not give up. He does not allow them to hurt him from the front in achieving his goals. "At the end, I need days on the Tour.

It's true that for the last five months I didn't spend enough days on the Tour. I don't even say competing on a tennis court; I say on the Tour, practising with the guys.
“That's what I need. I am going to try — [if] nothing happens, if I am feeling OK — to be there [in Turin] a little bit earlier than usual and have some practices.
"Just give myself a chance to enjoy another [Nitto Atp] Finals.

You never know when is going to be the last, especially at my age. So I'm going to give my best to enjoy this one, and then [the] next years of course I'm going to fight to be back there.
"A lot of things going on the last couple of months, without a doubt.

But we are always ready to find excuses, but at the end, it's always the same. You play well, you win; you don't, you lose. And today for moments, putting everything in a pack, I was playing quite well."

Rafael Nadal and Paul

He also commented on the match against Paul.

Nadal didn't show the performance we expected, but after everything that happened, it's a great thing that he still loves tennis and doesn't give up on it.
"I had my match in that second set with [a] set and break," Nadal said.
"I played a terrible game there.

Yeah, I didn't deserve the victory playing that bad in that key moment, no. Until that moment it was OK, a good match for me, knowing that is my first match since a while." We hope that Nadal still has the strength to show his qualities.

Many grew up watching his matches, and it's really strange how things change. Federer is no longer part of the tennis scene, and very soon the same could happen with Nadal.

Rafael Nadal