Novak Djokovic explains how Australia visa debacle affected his game

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Novak Djokovic explains how Australia visa debacle affected his game
Novak Djokovic explains how Australia visa debacle affected his game (Provided by Sport World News)

Novak Djokovic admitted that he was affected by the Australia visa debacle and that it wasn't really a pleasant or memorable life experience. At the start of this season, Djokovic was detained in Australia as the Australian authorities canceled his visa and eventually deported him from the country.

When Djokovic returned to the court, he was struggling with his game as it took him some time to rediscover his best tennis. “The first part of the year with everything that happened in Australia, I felt challenged, very much emotionally, mentally off the court and it was affecting my game.

It was a completely new experience for me. Unfortunately not a great one but still a life experience, and a possibility for me to grow stronger out of that”.

Djokovic: Wimbledon always comes at the right time for me

After missing the Australian Open and failing to win the French Open, Djokovic made it all the way at Wimbledon to win his first Grand Slam of the year.

For Djokovic, it was his seventh Wimbledon title. Now, Djokovic is just one Wimbledon title away from tying Roger Federer's record of eight titles at The Championships. “I was finding my way to that desired level and that happened towards the end of the clay season.

Wimbledon always comes at the right time in my career. When I need that huge confidence boost and big title, Wimbledon is always there," Djokovic added. This week, Djokovic is bidding to win his seventh Paris Masters title. At Bercy, Djokovic has had lots of success.

Ahead of the tournament, Djokovic revealed that feeling well in Paris is the key to his success in the French capital. “I feel great in this tournament. As you mentioned, [I’ve had] lots of success. [It] always helps to come into the tournament confident and with some good memories, good emotions on the court.

[The] past few times that I played here, I won both tournaments. Hopefully I can continue that run. I think at this level it’s important to have a good feeling on the court and just good memory of coming to a place where you have done well, because tennis is a game of fine margins that decide who is going to take a win in the match.

Often times, how you feel mentally, whether you are fighting with your own demons inside in a good or bad way affects the end result. Here I always felt good," Djokovic said.

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