Patrick Mouratoglou stated harsh words on Simona Halep's doping ban


Patrick Mouratoglou stated harsh words on Simona Halep's doping ban

"Today begins the toughest game of my life: the battle for truth. I was told that I tested positive for taking a substance called Roxadustat in an extremely low amount. It's the biggest shock of my life. Throughout my career, the idea of ​​cheating has never crossed my mind even once, because it totally goes against all the values ​​I was brought up through.

Faced with such an unfair situation, I feel completely confused and betrayed. I will fight to the end to prove that I have never knowingly taken any prohibited substance and I have the hope that sooner or later the truth will come out.

It's not about stocks or money. It's about the honor and love story I've built with the game of tennis over the past 25 years." The tweet published by Simona Halep took all tennis fans by surprise. The former WTA number one was stopped by the International Tennis Integrity Agency following the positivity to Roxadustat, a substance prohibited by the regulation.

The test was carried out at the US Open.

Patrick Mouratoglou breaks the silence: "We will fight for the truth"

Patrick Mouratoglou, current coach of Halep, has finally broken the silence and expressed his harsh point of view on the story: "First of all, I want to underline how much the news of Simona's doping positivity after the US Open has upset our team.

30 years of activity with hundreds of professional athletes, I have never faced a similar situation. I appreciated how many people in the tennis world who have worked closely with Simona for many years have expressed themselves on this issue and for having affirmed aloud that Simona is a woman of value.

Their words represent a strong message. From Simona's positivity that emerged last week, I chose to remain silent. My priority was to concentrate all energy to help and support her for prove the truth every day. Knowing Simona so well, I can assure you that she is a model of integrity.

She is totally against any kind of doping and I know that she has never crossed her mind to take banned substances. I trust her 100%. Together we will fight to prove the truth."

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