Emma Raducanu and Jodie Burrage make fun of each other on social media

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Emma Raducanu and Jodie Burrage make fun of each other on social media
Emma Raducanu and Jodie Burrage make fun of each other on social media (Provided by Sport World News)

British tennis player Emma Raducanu was one of the most sensational discoveries in the world of tennis. In 2021 the very young British girl amazed everyone and managed to win, in her first time in a Grand Slam, the Us Open 2021.

Emma surprised everyone, probably even herself, and won her first Grand Slam tournament at a very young age. The subsequent acclimatization in the Tour did not go as expected and indeed, to tell the truth, Emma had great difficulties and was no longer able to win tournaments.

Raducanu recently separated from her new coach Dmitri Tursunov and the Russian also preferred to take a new path. Off the Wta Tour, Emma has many friends and among them one of her best friends is the British Jodie Burrage.

The latter was recently the protagonist of a nice exchange with Emma where the two joked about Emma's body. Jodie commented in her post with a peach for teasing her friend and Emma promptly replied. The two have an excellent relationship and have spent part of the holidays together.

Emma and Jodie have shared a lot together in these months and Jodie's post is quite clear about: "Beautiful view and great company," headlines the tennis player within the post caption. In addition to this post, Burrage posted a video of Emma and joked about the forms of the very young athlete.

The latest on Emma Raducanu

After saying goodbye to Tursunov, the tennis player added to her team the guru of the fitness world Jez Green, a tennis player who collaborated in the return of Andy Murray and other young players of the caliber of Alexander Zverev or Dominic Thiem.

Physical problems held back Emma's race, who recently spoke of her evident decline: "Obviously I would like to win a title and to be honest I think it doesn't matter at what level. The more games I can play, the better. I know this benefits me.

I know I would have had to go through a year of development at some point and last season I completely skipped it."

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