Rafael Nadal: "I equaled a record that seemed impossible."

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Rafael Nadal: "I equaled a record that seemed impossible."

With the victory in the final of Roland Garros, Rafael Nadal, with a masterful performance, pushed himself again to the forefront for the unofficial title of "best ever" It is a race run by three participants, along with Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic.

The Spaniard won the 13th title in Paris, which no one has ever succeeded in at any ATP tournament, and with 20 Grand Slams, he equaled the leading Swiss so far. In that aspect, the Serbian tennis player is now three steps late.

Although he is expected to overtake Fedex next year, leading the ATP list with 310 weeks. In essence, we are just waiting for the official announcement in the coming months. Only then will the race "accelerate" because the remaining two will not be able to reach that record.

The Musketeers trophy

After a sleepless night, Rafa introduced himself to the world with the 13th Musketeers' Cup, and then talked a little with the ATP site, primarily about Roland Garros, but also about this story: "On the sports side, it is clear that I achieved something significant by winning the 13th.

put one of the most important tournaments and tied with Federer in 20 slams. I equaled a record that seemed impossible! Whether I am the best ever, it will be analyzed by people with a good knowledge of the history of tennis."

, as quoted by atptour "Honestly, it doesn't even matter to me, since I'm happy with my career. At the moment, it is clear that I am one of the two best. But we will see what will happen in the coming years, what Djokovic will do, what Federer will do when he returns"

"If everything goes well, we will have time for this analysis when we finish our careers, "Nadal believes," I only know that I will continue to enjoy life because, in the end, I am a happy person. My life has just smiled so far.

I don't know what's left in front of me, but I keep pushing forward. " "Like everyone, I had good and bad times, but above all physical problems, more than normal. I was lucky to have an extraordinary environment, family, and team.

I am a stable person, I am not too upset when things are not going well, nor am I too happy when everything is fine. It helps me have peace of mind and continue like this. It all comes down to the passion you are born with. "
How stable he is was also seen in Sunday's final, where from the very start he took the reins of the match into his own hands and calmly implemented the plan.

"I played a perfect match when it was needed, in the final. I played well enough every day to win. I knew in advance what I needed to do to beat Djokovic, but the much harder part was implementing the plan. Luckily, it was one of those days when I could do anything. Everything turned out perfectly. "