Roger Federer will not play in Basel

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Roger Federer will not play in Basel

The director of the ATP 500 Basel tournament Roger Brennwald had tried to convince the twenty-time slam winner Roger Federer to participate in the event as a farewell in front of his compatriots in the home tournament that saw Federer triumph ten times.

The 41-year-old Swiss, while thanking the director for the invitation, announced his decision not to participate "I thank the tournament for the insistence with which it wanted me in Basel this year, but I'm still trying to deal with all that which happened recently.

It is still too early to celebrate in Basel, a special place, after what I experienced in London. I have many incredible memories of playing at home and my wish is that this tournament remains one of the great stops of the tour." The eight-time Wimbledon winner therefore declined the invitation momentarily but made it clear that sooner or later, perhaps as early as next season, he will return to Basel for another well-deserved catwalk and standing ovation in his home which was also the last city to see the former world number one lift his latest trophy ever.

The Maestro during his career has set many records and took home the beauty of 103 total titles (second only to Connors) of which divided into 20 slams, 6 finals, 28 masters 1000, 24 ATP 500 and 25 ATP 250. In total, if we also count the lost finals, Federer can boast of having played in his career as many as 157 finals in the singles alone.

Roger Federer a few weeks ago, more precisely on September 23, played his last match of his extraordinary career in the Laver Cup with his lifelong friend / rival Rafael Nadal. A farewell from the very emotional Swiss who traveled around the world.

Many tears from him but also from Nadal: that frame will remain imprinted where the two athletes hold hands to support each other and thus sanctioning one of the most beautiful moments in the history not only of tennis, but of sport in general.

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