Panatta on Roger Federer: "There won't be another like him"

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Panatta on Roger Federer: "There won't be another like him"

The statements made by Adriano Panatta after the doubles match that saw Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal lose to Jack Sock and Frances Tiafoe at the Laver Cup, caused a lot of discussion. The former Italian tennis player accused the American duo of having exceeded in the search for a victory.

Panatta said: "I found it tasteless, vulgar and rude that those two Americans threw full force in the face of Federer and Nadal. They do it only because they are unable to do anything else. They don't know in the least what tennis is.

They can't even understand it. They are troglodytes of tennis, but above all two villains towards two champions of the caliber and education of Federer and Nadal. I thought: God, why don't you give me the opportunity to enter the field like when I was 25 years old."

Panatta on Federer: "I don't know if there will be another like him"

Panatta returned to talk about Federer's retirement at the Banca Generali - A Champion for a Friend event held in Piazza del Popolo.

Panatta then explained: "I don't know if there will be another like him, maybe I won't see him. He is inimitable, he expressed beauty, class, elegance in an extraordinary field: a great example for young people. Greetings with Rafael Nadal? It was nice to see them hand in hand.

It's nice to see two champions who have fought one against the year for so many years to be truly friends. ”Finally, Panatta spoke of the current Italian Davis Cup team, one of the favorites for the final victory. The Azzurri led by Filippo Volandri have won Group A and will face the United States in the quarter-finals next November.

"In the Davis Cup we have a very strong team, among the top four in the world. The Italians can win the competition, they have a very complicated quarter-final against the United States, but they have all the credentials to beat them."

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