Roger Federer on the GOAT issue involves Djokovic and Nadal

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Roger Federer on the GOAT issue involves Djokovic and Nadal
Roger Federer on the GOAT issue involves Djokovic and Nadal (Provided by Sport World News)

Yesterday the Laver Cup has officially started and there was great anticipation for the big event of the evening, the doubles match between Team Europe and Team World. The have seen the last match of the career (albeit in an exhibition) of the Swiss champion Roger Federer.

The 41-year-old tennis player announced a few days ago that he would be ending his extraordinary career. Roger will team up with his great friend and long-time rival Rafael Nadal. Here is an excerpt from the Swiss tennis player's farewell letter, here are his words: "To my tennis family and beyond.

Of all the gifts that tennis has given me over the years, the greatest is, without a doubt, that for introducing me to people along the way: my friends, my opponents and above all the fans. Today, I want to share some news with you.

As everyone knows, the past three years have been a challenge for me in the form of injuries. I worked hard to get back, but my body sent me clear messages. Tennis has treated me better than I ever dreamed of, but I have to recognize the moment to end my professional career.

The Laver Cup in London next week will be my last Atp tournament."

Roger Federer on the GOAT debate

During one of the many interviews released in recent days Roger Federer spoke about the debate on the GOAT. Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic have won 63 Grand Slam titles together and all have made the history of the sport.

Federer talked about a curious comparison and released the following words: "People always like to confront each other. I see it every day even with my children, one shouldn't do it but comparisons always come out. Actually you should never.

The same thing is also true for tennis. There are tennis players, they compete for tournaments and for their respective careers but the reality is that I, Nole and Rafa have improved each other. At the end of the match we shook hands and everything passed, it happened that one or the other would win but it depended on various situations:" Finally Roger quits jokingly on the GOAT question: "The reality is that how could you compare this thing? I have no idea, it depends on a lot of things, injuries, endurance or whatever and I honestly don't know.

Everyone calls the other GOAT and the reality is that there can't be all these goats" In Switzerland there are many goats, but only in the fields!"

Roger Federer