Roger Federer on 'big four': “I am happy they are going to have more battles"

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Roger Federer on 'big four': “I am happy they are going to have more battles"
Roger Federer on 'big four': “I am happy they are going to have more battles" (Provided by Sport World News)

Roger Federer will retire after the Laver Cup. He is excited that he will be able to watch the "Big four" fight for trophies from the warmth of his home. “I am happy they are going to have more battles,” Federer told Eurosport.

“I’m going to be watching from the couch or the bed, wherever, so it’s going to feel good.
I’m happy to go first because I am the oldest of the bunch. I tried long and hard to come back for the last few years and this is the right moment to go out.
Tennis has meant and will still mean the world to me,” Federer added.
“Tennis is in good hands, the boys are still here, a lot of new players are coming up.

Federer has shown his love for this sport many times. “Tennis is always bigger than any of us and it’s been an absolute pleasure to share the court [with 'Big Four' rivals] that many times and have so many cool battles.
“Some matches we might have forgotten or we ignore them, but there’s a lot of them that have connected us forever and it’s very special for us”.

Novak Djokovic is happy to have the opportunity to share time with his rivals. “The last few days have been great,” said Djokovic.
“Sharing some really good quality time off the court, training with these guys.
“Being able to share the court with three of them yesterday in the practice doubles session was a lifelong experience that will definitely stay in my memories forever.

It’s an honour to be here and I’m enjoying every moment of it”.

Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray

Rafael Nadal is also excited about the Laver Cup. “To be part of a team is always special. And you can imagine in this special occasion even more, to share moments with Andy, Novak, Roger and the rest of the team also,” said Nadal.
“It’s such a unique competition.

We have been playing and competing with each other for such a long time. Becoming team-mates is something that changes everything.
"I’ll enjoy this moment, it’s so special for me and I’m very excited”.

Murray, a man who could have had a much better career had it not been for injuries, is also happy for this opportunity “For me, the last few days have been incredible,” said Murray.
“Just getting to be on court with these guys, go out for dinner with them, hang out.

Especially this evening, to be part of that occasion is going to be really special.
“I feel very lucky and privileged to be here and be part of this and I’m looking forward to it”.

Roger Federer