Daniil Medvedev: To be honest, I didn't feel much when I lost the No. 1 spot


Daniil Medvedev: To be honest, I didn't feel much when I lost the No. 1 spot

Carlos Alcaraz is the new number one! It used to be Daniil Medvedev, but the great Spaniard took over the top spot on the ATP list. In an interview with eurosport.com, Medvedev talked about the reaction after losing the leading position “To be honest, I didn't feel much when I lost the No.

1 spot,” said Medvedev. “The ranking is the consequence of your results and if we take the American summer, for example, I did not take enough points to stay No. 1, or even No. 2 or 3.
“Whereas Casper, Carlos, Rafa, [Nadal] of course, with the two Grand Slams he won at the start of the year, they took a lot more points.

So, it's just logical.
“I have no feelings about it, no reason to cry. I can only tell myself that I have to do better if I want to find this place in the future”. The Moselle Open in France will be the next challenge for him and he is ready to give his best and try to win new points.

“It’s a very important part of the season for me,” explained Medvedev. “I really like playing indoors, so I only find positives in this part of the season.
“Indoor is very different, you always have to adapt.

Paris and the ATP Finals are obviously the biggest [events].

Daniil Medvedev and tournaments

Medvedev is an optimist and stated what is most important to him. “I will play three tournaments before Paris. I have great motivation.

Of course, there is no Grand Slam ahead and it's the only time in the season where you play tournaments without a Slam coming.
“But next year, the Australian Open will come very fast after the end of the season. So it's important to gain confidence at the end of the year.
“It’s the best way to prepare for next season and especially the Australian Open.

It’s important for me to take a lot of points indoors to be seeded as high as possible in Melbourne.
“With all the tournaments I will play, I can take as much as 3750 points. Of course, it will be almost impossible to reach that, but 2500, 3000, why not? It would be cool to end the year that way.
“If I manage to collect a lot of points, then, maybe, I'll have a chance to regain the No. 1 spot in the coming year”.

Daniil Medvedev