Carlos Alcaraz wins the US Open: "I never thought about it"

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Carlos Alcaraz wins the US Open: "I never thought about it"
Carlos Alcaraz wins the US Open: "I never thought about it" (Provided by Sport World News)

Carlos Alcaraz took the top of the rankings and grabbed the first Slam of his career. All at nineteen years and four months. After the victory, the young Spanish champion showed up at the press conference to analyze everything.

He said: "I never thought I'd be able to win a Grand Slam and become world number one a few days ago. Not at this age. Let's say it all happened very quickly. For me it's just incredible, it's a dream come true. , something I've dreamed of since I was a child." Following Ferrero's words, Alcaraz talked about the difficulties encountered in Montreal and Cincinnati, the pressure and how the heat of New York helped him find himself and his right motivations: "Yes I had lost some joy.

As you said, I had started to feel the pressure. I came to New York with the aim of having fun first and foremost. Smiling on the court. You know, if I smile on the pitch it means that I am. I'm having fun "he explained:" From the success of Miami I felt I could win a Grand Slam.

Before, I thought I had to grow further. I thought I could do good results, sure, but I couldn't win a tournament like that. have changed there. If I had to use a single word to explain these two weeks, I'd say I'm happy." Kyrgios had named Alcaraz as the main favorite for the tournament win.

And he was right: "I checked the Instagram dm and there was a message from him, I didn't read the whole message but it was written I told you to tell the truth!" Just staying on the social theme, Alcaraz explained the reason for the head, the brain, the huevos, analyzing how these were the most important elements to achieve success: "These are all things that mean a lot to me.

My grandfather repeated it to me. before every tournament, before every game. I always remembered first of all how to manage certain moments and always do the best. " The New York crowd played a pivotal role: "Having all that support was incredible for me.

What I experienced last year was incredible, this year even more. As I have already explained, there have been some very difficult moments and the crowd has always believed in me. " The comparison with Nadal is useless but amusing, given that Alcaraz became the first Spaniard to win a Grand Slam from the 22-time Slam champion: "He has twenty-two, I have one, let's say that the road is still long!"

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