Casper Ruud: "I lost to the best in the world"

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Casper Ruud: "I lost to the best in the world"
Casper Ruud: "I lost to the best in the world" (Provided by Sport World News)

Casper Ruud, two-time Grand Slam finalist this season is now also world number two. The Norwegian tennis player focused on travel, ambitions and the future during the press conference. He explained: "I think it was a good game.

There were a lot of fun exchanges. Obviously I'm disappointed because I was hoping for a different result, but things like that and you just have to accept it. Carlos Alcaraz did something more in the moment important, at the end of the third set, I had a couple of chances to close that set but I couldn't, he just played better than me.

I can only congratulate him, but I am happy with these two weeks and the level I have expressed. I hope to have another chance in the future to play a Grand Slam final." Alcaraz and Ruud will occupy the first two positions of the ranking.

An unimaginable goal a handful of months ago: "I think it is incredible that a boy of his age has already managed to reach these goals. He is four years younger than me. As I had already said, I also think he is one of those talents that comes up out rarely.

At the moment, in my eyes, he is the strongest player in the world. He deserves the first position and deserves everything he has achieved. I am happy that our game has put up for grabs both the top of the ranking and a Grand Slam.

I'm happy to be number two in the world, I will only have to win one more place." To reach the final, Alcaraz needed three marathons in a row. Ruud's path is easier, who despite everything failed to make his greater physical freshness prevail: "I knew he had spent more hours on the pitch than I did, but he's young.

He recovered quickly. I can't be surprised because we're talking about a very strong guy physically. Having said that it's amazing how he managed to maintain the same level after games of four. or five hours, I can only congratulate him.

Compared to the final at Roland Garros. I was nervous, but I still knew I was an 'underdog' given the position of Alcaraz which is on all the front pages of the newspapers. amused today and I hope the public enjoyed it too. When you get to play a Grand Slam final you obviously know that on the other side of the net there will be an extraordinary player. If I had to return to play one, I hope there is not a Spanish player!"