Anett Kontaveit in tears after defeat to Serena Williams!

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Anett Kontaveit in tears after defeat to Serena Williams!

The Us Open and Flushing Meadows were ready to say goodbye to Serena Williams; Serena, however, seems not ready to return her greeting. The Grand Slam champion, in fact, managed to overturn the odds and win against the number two on the draw, Anett Kontaveit.

In an entire stadium that pushed the hostess, the Estonian tennis player was unable to establish herself in the third and decisive set, thanks to an unstoppable Williams. "I think Serena played really well. In fact I think I didn't play a bad match, but in the third set she raised the level, she was incredible.

In the first set she served very well in all important moments. I fought a lot, but she was better than me. You have to be ready for this level of tennis, there is a reason why she was a great Grand Slam champion. Today was her time, for me it was difficult," said the tennis player in the press conference that she followed the defeat.

"I was expecting something like this. It's something you might foresee if you watch the game in the first round, but when you're on the pitch, it's really difficult. I knew it was going to happen, the number two on the scoreboard said later in reference to the crowd cheering on her opponent, I don't think it was a personal attack on me or anything like that, they were just cheering for her: she deserves it, therefore, it is right."

Serena towards the final victory?

These were not the expectations of Serena Williams before she started the tournament, but the level of tennis she has demonstrated in these first two rounds begs the question spontaneously: whether Serena Williams is a candidate for the final victory.

"I think she played very well today, but there are also a lot of very strong players left in the draw. But yes, if she continues to play at this level I think she always has a chance to win," the world number two said at a press conference, where she also let herself go with tears of disappointment.

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