John McEnroe on Roger Federer's decision to return: "I don't think Roger wants to.."

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John McEnroe on Roger Federer's decision to return: "I don't think Roger wants to.."

Roger Federer could return to the tennis courts in the near future. This is certainly what the majority of fans want to see, considering the status that Federer has in the world of tennis. The Swiss is planning to play at the Laver Cup even next month.

John McEnroe also commented on his decision to return to the courts. McEnroe had only words of praise for the Swiss. He thinks that the decision is up to him. However, McEnroe believes that it would be strange if Federer lose right at the start of the tournament.

“He says he wants to play next year and who am I to say that he shouldn't do that?” McEnroe told Eurosport. “He should absolutely do whatever he wants. So, I don't know but if he wants to play next year, and he's even thinking about playing the Australian Open, or play these events, he knows what it takes to do that - and he ain't going there to lose the first round.

“So that will be an interesting decision he will make, I don't know what will happen, he's the most beautiful player I've ever seen and he's the epitome of class. Me personally, I didn't want the farewell tour but he's obviously in a much different position than I was in.

It depends on the person, some people like that, showered with gifts and love – who wouldn’t? But at the same time, I don't think Roger wants to go on the court and lose first or second round.

John McEnroe on Roger Federer

John believes that Federer's decision is his right.

It is impressive that a man at the age of 41 still has the motivation and desire as if he had just started his career. That speaks volumes for how much Roger loves his job. “I thought what was going to happen is that he was going to play Laver Cup.

Hopefully, Team World would win one and then he would then go to Basel and retire. That seemed to make sense because the body wasn't able to get to the level he needed. At Wimbledon, we saw what people think of him. So, he doesn't need to go out there, he'll go out there and show up because he's involved with certain sponsors and he'll get that same type of love.

So that decision lies with him and we hope that it's one that makes him happy and the sport happy”.