Angelique Kerber is pregnant!

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Angelique Kerber is pregnant!

The US Open 2022 is just a few days away, the last major event of this year's Slam season. Soon the draws with the competitors who will participate in the event will be announced, there is still the mystery concerning the future of Novak Djokovic and his participation in the tournament, but in the meantime another important forfeit arrives.

Former world number 1 and now world number 52 in women's tennis world Angelique Kerber will not participate in the Us Open. In the last hours the tennis player, winner of New York in the now distant 2016, announced the forfeit to the American tournament, explaining her happy motivation regarding this choice.

A news that confirms the rumors of the last few weeks and the woman she will not participate in the tournament as she is pregnant. Good news that forces Kerber to stop for the whole of 2022 and eventually return only after the age of 35.

Kerber's words on social media

Through her Twitter channel, Angelique Kerber explained in a nice way: "I really wanted to play the US Open, but I realized that playing two against one is not fair competition." The tennis player then continued with further tweets: "For the next few months I will take a break from traveling the world as a tennis player, but I repeat I think it is for the best possible reason.

I will miss you all. New York has often been a turning point in my career and it looks like this will be the case again this year. Here my career restarted in 2011 and here I won the title in 2016. The Us Open has a special place in my heart and I wanted to say goodbye to everyone on the tour before being out for a while.

Being a professional athlete means everything to me, but I'm grateful to start a new path. I am nervous and excited to accept this new life path. Thank you all for your support, it means everything to me." Here is the tennis player's social post: