Hannah Miley has decided to end a successful career!

Martin: "She can rightly stand at the end of her career and know she could not have given any more"

by Sead Dedovic
Hannah Miley has decided to end a successful career!

Swimmer Hannah Miley has decided to end her career and on that occasion look back on everything she went through for grampianonline Hannah Miley has been very successful in her career and has many medals in her collection.

Sure, there were things Hannah wanted, and they didn’t come true, but it’s an integral part of everyone’s career. She also gave a message to young athletes "It will never be a straight line, and it's all part and parcel of being an athlete."- Hannah said, as quoted by grampiaonline "It's also really important to make sure that you have a good support network around you - that could be your family, your friends or anybody you choose, but you definitely need a good group of people around you." Gillian Martin, a member of the Scottish Parliament, also sent a message to Hannah, and had only words of praise for her “It has been an honour for everyone in the north-east to see the rise and rise of Hannah Miley in competitive swimming.

“I know so many people in Aberdeenshire are proud of everything she has achieved to date and while this may be the end of her competitive swimming career, there is no doubt Hannah will continue to achieve great things.

“Hannah has been a wonderful role model and ambassador for her sport. Her work in the Garioch area has been invaluable and I would like to wish her every success in her future”. Martin believes that Hannah should be a role model for everyone, because with her hard work and perseverance she achieved everything she wanted.

"It would be easy to describe Hannah Miley’s legacy in terms of numbers: three Olympic games, double Commonwealth champion, World and European Champion, European Record Holder, over 17 years of International Racing.

"This record, in itself, is incredible but her legacy is much broader and deeper than simply her sporting achievements. "We were fortunate to have Hannah swim at Garioch ASC for twenty years. "For many of us at this club, she remains a guiding light for the principles that drive this club forward.

"She has typified these characteristics throughout her career, being confident, hard-working, and performance-focused - all whilst having fun. "She can rightly stand at the end of her career and know she could not have given any more.

"There's genuine warmth in the way that people interact with Hannah and how she communicates with them.


He decided to praise her gesture and once again mention the importance of Hannah to the entire environment "That's clear from the recent Zoom meetings that she's been on with members from Garioch.

"From our head coach to new swimmers, to parents and management committee members - be that detailed technical discussions, sessions on girl's health, pilates sessions, talking about her swimming life, or even 'lockdown quizzes' - she is rightly known for her cheerfulness.

"Her last competitive race was in the 400 individual medley at a meet Garioch ASC held a few weekends ago. "Whilst we were all aware that she started her swimming career here, we had no idea she would want to complete the circle at our new pool; an incredibly kind gesture to us as a club and a true example of the type of person Hannah is.