People Magazine said Dressel is the most beautiful Olympian


People Magazine said Dressel is the most beautiful Olympian

Popular magazine People ranks each year at the end of the year a series of rankings of the most beautiful and influential women and men on the planet in various sections. Obviously there is also the sporting feeling and, this year in particular, the ranking concerning the Olympians who were engaged in Tokyo 2021.

US swimming star Caeleb Dressel is according to People the sexiest Olympian on the planet. Dressel beat US skateboarder Nyjah Houston, American sprinter Noah Lyles and British diver Tom Daley. People said about: "The Summer Olympics gave us a lot to cheer for, Caeleb Dressel and her insane abs took gold in the reader's poll." Dressel shared the People's award, writing on her Instagram account: "Once in a lifetime opportunity from People to be nominated sexiest man alive.

I was nervous about this because it's not necessarily my style but it was much more than just a photo shoot The interviews and questions really hit on some important topics for me and had the gears turning to answer as best I could.

I'll post a short interview portion later. "

Lindsey Vonn among mental health, fashion and the Olympics

Lindsey Vonn was the top athlete of the US national team in the years 2000 and 2010.

She has won, among other things, one Olympic gold, two world championships, four general World Cups and sixteen specialties. Vonn is the most successful skier in the history of alpine skiing and is one of the few athletes to have won at least one World Cup race in each of the alpine skiing specialties.

On 20 January 2019 she played her last World Cup race, the Cortina d'Ampezzo supergiant that she did not complete, and at the next World Championships in Åre 2019 she did not complete either the supergiant or the combined before giving farewell to competitive activity by winning the bronze medal in the downhill on February 10, the last race of his career.

During an interview for CNN, Lindsey talked abiut many issue: mental health, olympics and fashion. Se said: "Being on the road in most sports, is pretty much one of the most difficult things you can do. You go from being surrounded by people on the podium and doing media, then you go back to the hotel room empty and lonely.

Mental health plays a really big role in your success being able to overcome those emotions and the depression and be able to still get back the next day and be at the top of your game. I didn't really talk about my mental health stuff until much later in my career, and at that time, no one was really talking about it besides maybe Michael Phelps or Kevin Love, so now I'm really happy that everyone's really talking about mental health.

The more empathy we can have for each other in those moments, the better." Vonn, on the post-competition life, but now, added: "It was hard. I love working hard, physically, mentally, and most of those things all went away when I retired.
That was definitely a transition to be able to figure out: OK, what am I doing now? Who am I ?, and so it just took me a bit, I'd say probably a year, to really feel like I had my feet on the ground and I was in a happy, stable place.

" About the Olympics she said: "Watching the Summer Games was really fun. Obviously, I don't compete in the summer, so it was nice to just be able to be inspired as a spectator again. But the Winter Games are definitely a new challenge, to be on the sidelines, but I'm excited to watch my teammates and all the Team USA athletes hopefully bring home many medals. "