Katie Ledecky: "I want to be the fastest at the Olympics"

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Katie Ledecky: "I want to be the fastest at the Olympics"

"It makes me goosebumps to think about next year's Olympics, we hope to get together and celebrate that moment. I'm spending these 12 more months to try to be even faster and improve on this year," she said the American swimmer Katie Ledecky who in an interview points out that she has no intention of wasting any minutes preparing for next year's Tokyo Olympics.

She then said: "We all understand that next year's Olympics may not seem like normal Olympics - he added - and that there will be some changes. But really, nothing in our lives is normal at the moment. So I think we are all ready to adapt and be ready for what we have to do as athletes to make sure the games can continue.


Gregorio Paltrinieri's world about the XXXII Tokyo Olympic Games

Paltrinieri said: "I am not lacking in ambitions to give up in the pool and I do not move the focus to the bottom: the pool remains essential.

I am leaving for Tokyo to win everything. I am fine, it will be three and a half weeks off the high ground until the Roman races, good training period as in a normal phase to prepare for a big event.I am swimming a lot, I feel well mentally and physically.

The Settecolli will be the first test to understand how this new programming with Antonelli is going. But not everything will be based on the results of August: clearly we have been training together for a few months, it takes time for everything.

I have learned in all these years that patience is needed to achieve important results, so I am super calm. The first races will give us a first idea of ​​how much we are doing and I will try to download to play quite good races.

Among other things, it is the first time that I will go down from the high ground and two days later I will compete: evo mai, I usually went down the mountain 40-50 days before. It is a new thing to try in view of the next races so we will see.

I am not satisfied, there are many margins but I have thought about the record too many times: in the 1500s technically I have not yet made the perfect race, seeing the training there is still a lot of margin. This gives me hope.

Even my opponents have margins, we'll see what will come out of the 1500s. It's a stimulating challenge with myself, I don't take it as badly as in the past, with agitation. It's been years now, I'm used to managing myself. "