Katie Ledecky: "Olympics Are a Melting Pot"

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Katie Ledecky: "Olympics Are a Melting Pot"

Katie Ledecky will compete at the next Tokyo Olympics this summer. The young American swimmer will be, together with Caeleb Dressel, the star of American swimming and one of the most anticipated athletes at the Games. In an interesting interview with People magazine, Katie talked about the Olympics and the season.

She said: "You really do get to interact with a lot of athletes at the Olympics, typically. I don't know what it's going to be like next year, but typically you're in the cafeteria with everyone from all over the world.

So that's kind of just a melting pot of every athlete, every sport, every country. You do get some instances where you are approached by athletes from other countries, and they want to sit down next to you and talk to you over a meal in the village.

I've had a couple of those instances. And you're also riding the bus with the other athletes and you strike up conversations there and you trade pins and all that. You still really do get the opportunity to meet so many people, especially at events after the Olympics.

So whether it's award ceremonies or other events that we're invited to post-Olympics, media events, things like that. I'm really happy to be able to partner w ith Visa and Capital One, to share more about my goal-setting process and hopefully inspire young adults to set and achieve some big goals for the year.

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When will Caeleb Dressel break through the 20 second barrier in the 50 freestyle?

Caeleb Dressel's goal was to smash the 20-second barrier in the 50m freestyle. It is not an impossible feat if we think that last month she swam a formidable 20 "16 right in the 50sl during the International Swimming League finals.

LZR Racer swimming coasts, like all polyurethane, were banned from all official FINA competitions in 2010, after more than 200 world records were broken between 2008 and 2009. Dressel's attempt took place on December 9, was filmed and the test video released.

The original idea was obviously to make the event live, but the global situation prevented the presence of the public. The test was organized by his technical partner Speedo and saw the fastest swimmer in history wearing a Fastskin LZR Racer, the infamous Speedo swimsuit, abolished by FINA in 2010.

20 "41 in the first attempt and 20" 40 in the second, Dressel fails to become the first ever to go below the 20 second wall in the 50 freestyle. He said that swim suit doesn't make the swimmer, swimmer makes the suit, at the end of the two tests that saw the young American star wearing a rubber swimsuit like those abolished by FINA in 2010 in an attempt to become the first of the history to break down the wall of 20 "in 50sl in short course.