Katie Ledecky, Sarah Sjostrom and Federica Pellegrini: the challenge of 2021

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Katie Ledecky, Sarah Sjostrom and Federica Pellegrini: the challenge of 2021

Katie Ledecky, Sarah Sjostrom and Federica Pellegrini: the challenge of 2021 is ready. The three swimmers will be the stars at the next Tokyo Olympics. Federica Pellegrini has an almost impossible mission in Tokyo Olim piadi 2021: to win a m, edaglia missing from Beijing 2008.

And her challengers, especially Katie Ledecky and Sarah Sjostrom, represent two enormous obstacles. The spread of COVID-19 has ruined the plans of all sportsmen and women, but the Italian, double gold in a row at the World Cup in 2017 and 2019, also beat those who believed themselves unbeatable in the final in Budapest three years ago, that is the American Katie Ledecky.

There are examples of winning swimmers even over the age of 30 years-old, and Pellegrini can draw an example. Inge De Bruijn won gold in the 50 style in Athens 2004, aged 31 years-old. Nathalie Coughli in London finished on the third step of the podium in 4 × 100 freestyle, at 33 years-old.

Dara Torres in Beijing in 2008 always finished second in the 50 freestyle, at 41 years-old. Katie Ledecky and Sarah Sjostrom seem to have something more than Federica Pellegrini, and the emerging Sjobahn Haughey, from Hong Kong but with a totally American background, and Freya Anderson, from England, seem to be able to undermine her.

Yet another masterpiece of an endless career is needed for all three of the great athletes expected in Tokyo.

Sun Yang's doping ban lifted!

Sun Yang's doping ban lifted! CAS had imposed an 8-year hiatus on the Chinese tennis player, but the Swiss Federal Court overturned Sun Yang's doping ban.

The Chinese Olympian swimmer, in September 2018, destroyed the test tubes before a doping test, and for this the CAS had banned him for 8 years. The 29-year-old Chinese swimmer had already been suspended for three months in 2014 for testing positive for a stimulant.

In the utmost secrecy, since it was made public only after his sanction was widely served WADA took the case to the Court of Arbitration for Sports after the World Sports Federation issued only a warning to Sun Yang about the incident.

WADA said: "The decision of the Swiss Federal Court stems from a dispute against the president of the Cas panel and does not include any comment on the merits of the case, and ready to resubmit its case in due course."

Sun Yang won a gold in the 400 and 1500 at the London Olypic Games in 2012 and then in the 200 in Rio 2016, Sun Yang also won eleven world golds. CAS had canceled the titles it had won.